About Me

I live for creating facinating worlds and stories that astonish the people that experience them, immersing them in incredible adventures.


When I was young I did imagine stories that I told to my friends to entertain them and when I grew older I started playing pen and paper role playing games like DSA, DnD, Shadown Run and GURPS. I was always more interested in the laws of the world than in the rules that describe how to play the game and would spend the majority of my time analysing those laws, and creating my own stories and worlds based on what I had learned.


For me, video games were always the best way to make my imagination avaible to as many people as possible, as they are interactive and have a greater audience than pen and paper role playing games.


The first time I ever created something video game related, was when I played point and click adventures such as Sam & Max, Monkey Island or Space Quest 6. I analysed screenshots of the game and started drawing my own backgrounds based on those analyses. I enjoyed games that would provide me with level editors like WarCraft 2 & 3 and Half-Life. World Craft was the first time I came in contact with 3D modeling.


I studied Game Design at the Mediadesign Hochschule in Berlin and I am currently living and working in Berlin.



I enjoy building tools that simplify the work for my team members and/or provide the community with the possiblity to modify the game after their ideas,


+ 1 to all skill checks when creating tools


I can not imagine anything that gives more statisfaction than creating a world that fascinates and astonishes players. A world that provides the framework for exciting and immersive adventures.


+ 2 to all skill checks when creating a world


Being part of a team is important when you want to grow. Team members may give feedback and help you to gain perspective.


 + 25% action points while working in a team environment




Pixel Art

World design




Software Engineering



3D Modeling